The Blueprint Content Free Therapy Training.

Inside everyone on the planet is a clean, un-broken version.... literally a Blueprint.

The Blueprint version of your client existed before life got in the way. Before love, loss, hurt, trauma, abuse in many forms, illness and pain.

It's the ongoing distortion of this Blueprint which creates the cognitive issues which prompt the client to sit in your chair for Hypnotherapy.

As Hypnotherapists it is our purpose to be as effective as we can be, so The Blueprint Content Free Therapy method is an evolutionary step up from 'change work' in therapy.

A Hypnotherapy Classic!!!

What issues can be helped with The Blueprint?

Content Free Hypnotherapy is very effective for anything which has a basis in a traumatic trigger event or events - so anything which is the legacy of abuse for example some depression or acute anxiety. As the majority of client issues have a root driving event in the sub-conscious mind, The Blueprint is also effective for trauma recovery (incl PTSD), self-harm, anger issues, some substance abuse, emotional eating as part of a weight management method, emotional issues, grief/bereavement, gambling, low self esteem, confidence, hair pulling/nail biting, breakdown recovery and many other common client presentations.

So how does The Blueprint Content Free Therapy work?

The Blueprint does NOT treat symptoms, which is ineffective or short term and bad for the client. By gaining a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of the sub-conscious mind (the deeper mind) we can use those same mechanisms through specific carefully constructed metaphors to create total release of whatever the deeper mind is holding on to.

The Blueprint is NOT 'change work'. We are not using hypnotherapy to modify a behaviour - The Blueprint is sub-conscious 'release' work which is vastly more effective.

Once restored to their Blueprint, the conscious, cognitive issue is relieved.

How does Content Free Therapy work?
Matt Gilbert, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

How did The Blueprint originate?

Developed by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Matt Gilbert, The Blueprint grew from having worked with hundreds of traumatised clients. Many had been for years of ineffective and re-traumatising talking therapies and now the clients did not want to have to re-live or even tell their story.

So a method was required to provide the remedy to these clients, many of whom had suffered sexual, physical and mental abuse, which was not only effective but sympathetic to their required style of therapy.

Working 'Content Free' provides that very opportunity and The Blueprint is the ideal method of delivery. The client does not even have to tell you why they are in your chair as (remember) we are using their own sub-conscious mind to do the release work. It's elegant and effective therapy.

Content Free Hypnotherapy Training - "The Blueprint"

How to learn The Blueprint, Content Free Hypnotherapy and more.

On course completion, you receive the Certificate Of Competence In Content Free Hypnotherapy & The Blueprint. You can also enter the closed Facebook Group "Blueprint Practitioners" which is a friendly, collaborative space where you can ask any question and get support. All delegates now receive extensive Course Documentation for reference, complete Blueprint Transcript (nothing to have to remember) and additional Content Free Scripts to get you started.

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